William Forsythe

William Forsythe

She studied dance at the University of Jacksonville. As a trainee, "the Joffrey Ballet" debuted on stage in Chicago in 1971. In 1973 after his wife, Eileen Brady moved to Germany, where he was accepted into the Stuttgart ballet. There began began to try himself as a choreographer. In 1976 he staged his first ballet, "the Primordial light," and officially received the position of choreographer.

Since 1984, over 20 years he directed the Frankfurt ballet. Many of his performances have created together with composer Thom Willems. Also worked closely with the architect Daniel Libeskind and fashion designer Miyake Esteem.

After the closure of the Frankfurt ballet in 2004 Gogo set up an independent troupe, The Forsythe Company, which is supported by the States of Saxony and Hesse, the cities of Dresden and Frankfurt, as well as private sponsors. The troupe is engaged in research in the field of contemporary dance. The new production of foresight creates only for his company, but his earlier work is in the repertoire of many theaters in the world – Mariinsky, Paris Opera, Royal Opera house, Covent garden, new York city Ballet and others.

Forsythe is actively using in their work modern technology and digital technology. Together with specialists he has developed new approaches to studying, describing and teaching the art of dance. His computer program Improvisations Technologies: A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye ("improvisation Technologies: a tool for the analytical view of the dance"), developed in 1994 in conjunction with the Center for art and media (Karlsruhe, Germany), used in the educational process of graduate schools, conservatories, universities and colleges around the world.

London theater "sedlers wells" traces its history to 1683. The modern building of the sixth, this scene opened in 1998. Today "sedlers wells" has a reputation as one of the main stages of the world, where a growing contemporary dance. www.sadlerswells.com