Daniele Finzi Pasca

Daniele Finzi Pasca

Born in 1964 in Lugano, in the family of photographers. Started working in the circus under the guidance of a clown Ferrie. In 1983 with the volunteer program of care for terminally ill went to India. After returning to Switzerland with Mary, Bonzanigo and his brother mark founded the Theatre "Sunil", named for a sick Indian boy, where he created more than 20 plays, including "Icarus", "Ritual", "Border travel", "Conversations with sleep", "the Grateful dwell", "Giacobbe", "1337", "Aitestas", "Visit", "I love you", "the Fog" (together with "Circus Eloise"). In the Circus Eloise put on a show "the Nomad, or the Night sky forever," "Rain, or the raindrops in your eyes." In 2005 wrote and produced for Cirque du Soleil's famous show "Korteo". In 2009 he founded the production company "Inlevitas" engaged in the development and promotion of creative projects in the field of Opera, acrobatic theatre and cinema. In particular, in 2010, the brand has released a performance of "Love from afar" for the English national Opera (London). By order of the Moscow International Chekhov festival has put performance "Donka" (in collaboration with theatre Vidy-Lausanne). In 2011-2012, staged "Aida" and the play "Requiem" by Verdi at the Mariinsky theatre.

He was Director of the closing Ceremony of the XX Winter Olympics in Turin, the closing ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter games and the opening Ceremony of the Paralympic games in Sochi. Selected for creating and producing the Festival of the winegrowers in Vevey (Switzerland) in 2019; this rare festival held only four times a century and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. It has many prestigious theatrical awards, among which are received in October 2012 ring of Hans Reinhart the highest theater award in Switzerland.

Company Finzi Pasca founded in 2011 year by Daniele Finzi Pasca, together with his wife Julie Allen ( one of the founders of Cirque Eloise), Antonio Vergamini, Maria Bonzanigo and Hugo Gargiulo. The Company joined the Theatre "Sunil" and "Inhabits". The number of issued Spektakel "Truth" (2012) and "white on White" (2014).


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