Olympics 2019

In 2019 Russia will welcome International Theatre Olympics, one of the key events of the Year of Theatre.

Theatre Olympics 2019 is a large scale international festival, a venue for development of global theatre integration and dialogue between theatre professionals from around the world. The festival program includes performances by best foreign theatres and national theatres from various Russian regions, as well as lectures and workshops by leading theatre figures.

The 25th anniversary edition of the Theatre Olympics will be heldfor the first time ever in two countries — Russia and Japan — for the first time. The decision to host the Theatre Olympics 2019 in Russia was adopted at the VII Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

The Theatre Olympics program will include stagings by renowned theatre directors, including the founder of the Theatre Olympics Theodoros Terzopoulos, Valery Fokin, Tadashi Suzuki, Heiner Goebbels, Robert Wilson, Andrey Scherban, Andriy Zholdak, Krystian Lupa, and Jan Klata. 

Saint Petersburg will serve as the main host city of the event, and the opening ceremony of the International Theatre Olympics will take place on June 15, 2019. It is likely to become a special event for the city. The main venue of the Theatre Olympics will be Alexandinsky Theatre, most shows will be presented at its Main and New Stages. 

In total, the city will host more than 50 theatre productions from 20 countries, among them the Theatre Buff du Nord (Paris, France), the Theatre Company FC Bergman, (Antwerp, Belgium), the People’s Theatre of Beijing (China), the National Theatre (Budapest, Hungary), Attis Theater (Athens, Greece), SCOT Theater Company (Toga, Japan), Schaubuhne (Berlin, Germany), Old Theater (Krakow, Poland), Piccolo Theater (Milan, Italy), Chorus Theater (Impahal, India), Bulandra Theater (Bucharest, Romania), Nanterre-Amandiers (Paris, France) and others. 

Co-products of the International Festival in Manchester, Alexandrinsky Theatre and Rimini Protocoll Theatre Company are also being specially prepared for Theatre Olympics 2019. A large-scale project dedicated to the topic of Utopia includes more than 50 locations all around the city and 300 participants.

Additionally, the program will be represented by shows from national theatres from various Russian regions, and Saint Petersburg theatres will tour other regions of Russia. A separate exchange program is pallned in Japan as part of cooperation with the Theatre Olympics event. In addition to productions, the Theatre Olympics will include an extensive educational and research program, which will be represented by lectures and intense workshops presented by leading theatre figures from all over the world.

Two additional venues of the Olympics will be organizedas part of special programs. Some shows will be staged in the Far East, and in Artekthe participants of the special Theatre Shift will have a chance to rehearse together with directors, take part in workshops and meet with the participants of the Theatre Olympics.