Workshop of a Famous Dutch Inclusive Theatre Director will take Place in the Framework of the Scientific and Educational Program

A three-day workshop in inclusive theatre will be presented by Paul Rottger, a famous Dutch director and Artistic Director of the Babel Theatre (Rotterdam) on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre on December 3–5 in the framework of the Scientific and Educational Program of the Theatre Olympics 2019.

Rottger specializes in inclusive theatre and works with so-called mixed groups including professional actors, professional artists with disabilities of hearing and audio perception, mental problems, and representatives of various social groups. 

In Saint Petersburg the director will share his working experience in the framework of the three-day workshop. 24 participants will split into three groups, each of which will be a part of the performance based on scenes from a recent production 'Piazza della Vita/A Square of Life' by Babel Theatre. It's a play without words about life, rejection, love, death and birth, inspired by open squares and spaces of cities and villages. A square is the place where everyone comes to sooner or later, a place where everyone see or ignore each other.

The Babel Theatre is a unique theatre troupe that includes physically challenged artists. Aside from repertoire performances the company presents theatrical productions in educational purposes. It's meeting 'the different' that always plays a central part in Paul Rottger's work.

The first part of the workshop: 
Four participating teachers of Piazza della vita work with groups. Their task is to use as few words as possible. 

The second part of the workshop: 
Paul Rottger works with each group. 

Conditions of participation: 
an application in a free form should be sent no later than on November 27, 2019 to the address: The subject of the letter — 'Paul Rottger's workshop'.

An extensive Scientific and Educational Program is realized during the Theatre Olympics 2019. 
From September till December workshops for young theatre professionals led by Andrei Şerban, Tomi Janežič, Andriy Zholdak, Jaroslaw Fret and Paul Rottger take place. Participation in workshops will allow young artists, directors and playwright gaining the experience of work with leading directors and getting to know the current world practices in modern theatre. 

Workshops for the general audience are held as well — lectures with participation of directors, including masters of theatre whose performances are included in the Program of the International Committee of the Theatre Olympics. The admission to these events is free of charge. 

On November 14–16, during the VIII Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, the International Research-to-Practice Conference 'Cultural Bridges in the Theatre World' took place. In included five events that summarized the Program and experience of the Theatre Olympics 2019. The Conference presented opinions and positions of leading theatre practitioners and theorists from various countries of the world, as well as Russian theatrical figures regarding intercultural relations in field of theater arts. 

On November 13–14 the Theatre Institute, an educational project of the Golden Mask Festival, held a visiting session of the Theatre Festival Management Conference on Democratism as a Principle and Value of the Festival in the framework of the Theatre Olympics 2019. Democratism — a fundamental subject for festivals — has been chosen as a theme for the meeting in autumn 2019. It's festival that allows combining forms and formats, genres and aesthetics, the most unexpected and impossible collaborations. These principles of community, cooperation and democracy turn out to be quite compliant with what the project of the Theatre Olympics itself is based on. 

Also, a block of the Scientific and Educational Program dedicated to site specific theatre took place in summer. In the framework of the Joint Program of the Theatre Olympics 2019 and the Access Point Festival lectures and workshops were presented by theatre practitioners and theorists from all across the world, and some of them spoke in Russia for the first time.

Rather engaged in inclusive theatre, working with so-called mixed groups, including professional actors, professional artists with the features of auditory and auditory perception, with the nature of the psyche and with representatives of various social groups.

In St. Petersburg, the Director will share their experiences during a three-day master class. 24 participants will be divided into three groups, each group will be part of the performances, which will include scenes from the recent performance of the Theatre Babel "Piazza della Vita"/"Area of life". It is a play without words about life, rejection, love, death and birth, inspired by the open squares and spaces of towns and villages. Area — is the place where all come sooner or later, it's a place where everyone can see or ignore each other.

Theatre Babel — a unique theatrical troupe that includes artists with disabilities. Besides showing repertory performances, the company performs theatrical productions for educational purposes. In the work of Paul Rottger it is with the "other" always plays a Central role.