The Olympic Youth Venue in Artek Works On

On April 22, the Olympic Youth Venue of the Alexandrinsky Theater in Artek continued its work with performance of The Robots’ Tales of a Real Man after Stanislav Lem’s parable.

The choice of performance was not incidental. It corresponds to the declared theme of the camp’s fourth session “Per aspera ad Artek” dedicated to discovering the Universe and cutting-edge technology. Authors of The Robots’ Tales of a Real Man staging are Vyacheslav Ignatov and Maria Litvinova, founders of the unique Moscow Trikster Theatre, students of Maya Krasnopolskaya and Ilya Epelbaum (Theatre “Shadow”), winners of the Golden Mask National Theatre Prize. The performance was staged at Suuk-Su Palace.

Alexandrinsky Theatre opened the Olympic Youth Venue in Artek International Children’s Camp in March 2019 within the framework of Theatre Olympics, one of the key events of the Year of Theatre in Russia. All through 2019, each session of Artek will host workshops by leading creative professionals of Alexandrinsky Theatre and teaching staff of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RSIPA) — directors, theatre historians and scholars, playwrights, stage designers, sound designers, professors of stage movement, speech and voice. The children of Artek will have an opportunity to learn about various theatre genres and take part in creating new productions themselves.