Public lecture by Arnold Aronson

The second half of July at the Theatre Olympic games is marked by the fifth Summer festival of the arts "access Point". In addition to the extensive programme of performances in different urban locations, the festival also presented an educational programme, which caused great interest among the natives. Lecture by historian of American theatre and world scenography Arnold Aronson, which was held July 18 at the Masters School, has become the most awaited.


"Theatre in real space in the age of digital reality" is the theme of a lecture by Arnold Aronson, an illuminating context in which to develop a modern performing arts.

Theatre traditionally has sought to reproduce or create a real world on stage. Theatre arts has always depended on the presence of the audience and the performer in real time and space. But what happens when the attitude of man to the world more and more defined virtual reality, where there is no physical or temporal specificity? How does it affect the theatre in not theatrical space?

At the lecture they talked about the theory and history of site-specific theatre, and contemporary challenges faced by Directors-experimenters.

Arnold Aronson (Arnold Aronson) (USA) — doctor of Sciences, Professor at Columbia University, author of more than 10 books on the history of American theatre and world theatre design, chief editor of the scientific journal Theatre and Performance Design.