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"The process"

In the play Christian loop the protagonist of the philosophical novel by Franz Kafka ("the trial" was created in 1914-1915, but was not completed, published after the author's death in 1925) Josef To Franz turns into K, endowed with the characteristics of the literary hero and the author and engaged in a dialogue with his reflection, the second Franz K.

The story is tied in the mind of the hero. Unfinished, open novel structure moreover allows the performance to grow with new meanings. On the stage of the New theatre "the Process" today is filled with fear.

Follow the link below to purchase the tickets to "The Process", the play that will be presented on September 6–7 in Saint Petersburg.



In the play Andriy Zholdak's play by the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828 – 1906) turned into the flow of ecstatic energy. All the explicit and suppressed desires, actions and thoughts of mansion house Rosmersholm from drama public opinion went in a different, irrational and frightening dimension. The near breath of supernatural forces, rising to the limits of horror, anxiety, and cinematic beauty reveal the meanings of Ibsen with a fierce passion and very new.

The play will be presented on September 13–14 in Saint Petersburg. Follow the link below to purchase the tickets.


"Sima Qian"

Sima Qian (135 – 86 BC) Chinese historian of the Han dynasty, whose "Historical notes" — work on the General history of China covering more than two thousand years: from the era of the Yellow Emperor to the contemporary SIMA Qian era of the reign of a Military Emperor, for many centuries had a significant impact on the subsequent historiography of China. The play introduces us to the circumstances of the creation of the "Historical notes", reflects the romantic feeling and details of the unique biography of the great scientist.

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