Reviews: "Oedipus Rex"

Throughout June we delight you with wonderful performances, and you said we sold out. Theatre, the Olympics have managed to take of Theodoros of Terzopoulos, Victoria, Thierry, Chaplin, Daniele Finzi Pasca, David Espinosa, Declan by Declan Donnellan and other Directors, whom the whole world knows. Collection of articles on the performance of July — "Oedipus Rex" by Robert Wilson. This is only the beginning!


Bob Wilson brings to life what we all only dreamed of

"The play draws its dreamlike matter: when you don't understand, where external, where the internal dimension of the character, when the same phrase is repeated by different artists, providing a truly hypnotic effect", — "Izvestiya" about the idol of theatre Europe.

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Robert Wilson — superstar visual theatre

"The painting "Oedipus Rex" for an hour and a half reflects a kaleidoscope of artistic principles and techniques Wilson, as always showing a perfect picture of thoughtful details", — the "Russian newspaper" about a "unique event," the arrival of the play "Edip" in Petersburg.

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"Part one. Oedipus Rex Part one..."

"If we conventionally divide productions of the wizard in a more public and more refined, "Oedipus Rex" refers to the latter. In it, Wilson returned to the experiments with rhythm and word, when speech and language become the same element in the architecture of the play, as the light, scenery and motion of bodies", — "Kommersant" on dream-logic and the logic of ancient myth in the works of Wilson.

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Plastic history the way of reflection to blindness

"It is a challenge to put such a work. On the one hand, you have to carefully and with respect to the text of ancient history. But on the other, you must find your own way to the narrative. I wasn't trying to rewrite it. Just looking for a solution how to emphasize their respect for the creativity of Sophocles" — Robert Wilson spoke about the "Oedipus" to "Culture".

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Delightful "Oedipus Rex"

"Compact ritual-psychedelic action in the Lynch universe tepee (there is sending us old saxophonist in a white suit), the ancient Greek arena (only that it showed in Epidaurus), avant-garde, disjointed and with a rare freedom, humor and musicality collected again" — film critic, chief editor of the magazine "cinema Art" Anton Dolin about Robert Wilson.

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