Theatre "On Foundry"

Theatre "On Foundry"

The history of the theatre "On Foundry" began in the early twentieth century. In 1909 the building was once owned by count Sheremetyev, became a platform sviatkivska "Casting theater" and experimental repertoire — there were plays incredibly popular French theatre of horror of the Grand Guignol, the works of Russian authors of the same style, with a range of modern comedies, farces and parodies. It was here, actively worked and was not afraid of the experiments of Meyerhold, Evreinov, Fokin, Kuzmin and others. The theater collaborated with the fashion of "unformatted" writers and artists.

After the revolution the theatre was closed and the building has long served as a temporary stage for various small theater groups, focused on new, revolutionary creativity. Finally, in 1926, was opened here "Mobile theater" under the leadership of P. Gaideburov and N. Scarsly; in 1928 he was called TRUMPKIN. Here began his career of the young Shostakovich. During the siege the building was destroyed and remained empty until the mid 50's, when the area received "Theatre of drama and Comedy".

The current name of the theater was in 1991, when the new country was in need of new ideas and words in art. The starting point of the modern history of theatre "On Foundry" can be considered with the premiere of the play "the Miser" by Moliere's play, directed Trostyaneckiy.

In the zero years the theatre radically changed and gradually moved away from the previous art policy. Now the rate is not on the figure of the chief Director and all the actors and Directors; in these years the troupe has come a lot of talented young actors playing there to this day. The poster appeared the performances of Directors A. Galibin, Y. Butusov, G. Kozlov, G. Decadesago and others.

Today the repertoire of the theatre includes performances of plays by Russian and Soviet classics (Ostrovsky, Pushkin, Gorky, Aksyonov, Chekhov), foreign playwrights of the XX century (the attention, Lee Coburn), and also our contemporaries (Krogerus, Yakovlev, Visznek, Ken Ludwig, and others). The theatre performances "On Foundry" regularly involved and participate in different festivals in Russia and abroad. Among the conquests of the theatre award "Golden mask", "Golden soffit", "Breakthrough" and a special pride of the company — the State prize of the Russian Federation (for the performance "Forest" directed by Kozlov).

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