Utopolis Petersburg 14/09/2019
The theater:
Rimini Protokoll (Berlin, Germany) and Manchester International Festival
Written and directed by:
Daniel Wetzel, Stefan Kaegi, Helgard Haug
3 h. 30 min. The performance runs without intermission
The language:
Conditions of participation:
Children under 16 years old are welcome accompanied by an adult

Utopolis Saint Petersburg is a site-specific in-depth performative study of the nature of urban processes. This is the largest project created by Rimini Protokoll involving 300 spectators and 52 various locations across the city. 

Utopolis relies on the sound patterns and visual markers of a megalopolis in order to show it from an unexpected perspective aiming to grasp daily life in its formation. 

Gathering in small groups in different locations, the participants of the event will head out for a large walk so to explore how individual voices, citizens and places make up micro-communities, society and, as a result, how the democratic process is being developed.

As our assembly reaches a critical mass, a question emerges: сan a group of disparate individuals come together to forge a utopian state? And how large can this system grow before it falls apart?

Is it possible to create a utopian state in which each individual is satisfied with his/her place in society? What is social justice if it exists? Can the structure sustain if everyone plays a part that he/she did not choose?

Event FAQ’s listed here.

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Theatre Olympics 2019, Schauspiel Köln and Coventry UK City of Culture 2021. Produced by Manchester International Festival.

The performance is supported by the Goethe Institute and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Kommersant. Style wrote.

“Its performances are far from conventional genre theatre, the group works at the edge of experimental theatre and modern art. Rimini Protokoll projects lie between documentaries and psychological performances, action art and walking tour theatre. “A lot of attributes can be used to describe Rimini Protokoll — immersive, experimental, innovative — but the point is that its creators proves that the world is a stage, and a stage is life with their every project. There are no actors, real people only, and, actually, all of this is just reality as thickened and concentrated as possible in this particular situation”.



“It’s definitely impossible to cover the entire range of Rimini Protokoll performances: their number is approaching one hundred, productivity of the theatre is growing, and shows are becoming even more thorough and unique,” – Afisha wrote. Daily noted and entitled Rimini Protokoll “the strangest theatre in the world.” However, this Company is more often called “theatre of the future”.