The Twelve 09/09/2019

Russia’s program at the IX Theatre Olympics in Japan

The Twelve


The theater:
Alexandrinsky theatre (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
The author of the work:
Alexander Blok
01 h. 15 min. The performance runs without intermission
June 11, 2016
The languages of performance:
The performance is in Russian language

Saint Petersburg, i.e. Petrograd, is the main character of the performance. Director Anton Okoneshnikov, Scenic Designer Elena Zhukova, and Video Designer Maria Varakhalina have created the stage solution and visual environment for the performance. The audience find themselves amidst the happenings, and the situation develops around them. Sound Designers Daniil Koronkevich and Daniil Grigoriev are responsible for the performance’s musical score woven from the city’s real sounds and its breath.

Anton Okoneshnikov started mastering a text of the Blok’s poem and looking for a proper contemporary language to present it in the framework of International Professional Youth Exchange Programs of the Alexandrinsky Theatre when he explored Blok’s text together with students of the Limoges Theatre Academy (France). Young actors of Alexandrinsky Theatre perform in the current version of The Twelve.


Nikolai Belin


Ivan Efremov, Victor Shuralyov


Vasilisa Alekseeva, Oksana Obukhovich


Dmitry Buteev


Timur Akshentsev, Nadezhda Alekseeva, Vasilisa Alekseeva, Nikolai Belin, Dmitry Buteev, Ivan Efremov, Vladimir Malikov, Daria Malyushenkova, Oksana Obukhovich, Anna Stepanova, Lyubov Shtark, Victor Shuralyov

Red Guardians

Scenic Designer
Elena Zhukov
Sound Designer
Daniil Grigoriev
Sound Designer
Daniil Koronkevich
Stage Operator
Alexei Edoshin
Light Designer
Igor Foaming
Musical Director
Ivan Blagodyor
Eugenia Kadochnikova
Plastic Art
Alexei Salogub
Video Designer
Maria Varakhalina
Assistant Director
Anna Sokolova
Assistant Director
Maria Gavrilova


Inga Bugulova.

Let’s note that The Twelve is not a relaxing performance, though it’s truly realistic. You feel like being suddenly pushed onto a noisy street, failing to stay upright, starting to fall heels over head down the pavement, and catching bits of sounds and sights. According to the Director’s plan, the audience are witnesses. They sit in the middle of “Black night. White snow. The wind! The wind!”’

The Noise of a Different City. Rossiyskaya Gazeta, June 23, 2016

Mark Radnitsky.

“The Twelve performance is an eventful and stirring piece of art. The lack of dramatism is compensated by grotesque, as well as lively and youthful acting. The one-hour-long performance gives its audience a feeling that the Director wants to change the contemporary theatre, extend the limits of the possible, and develop as an artist. Contemporary Russian stage arts need such manifestations of youthfulness”.

The Twelve in Alexandrinsky Theatre. PROteatr, June 20, 2016