Today. 2016 – ... 26/08/2019

Russia’s program at the IX Theatre Olympics in Japan

Today. 2016 – ...


February 25, 2016
1 hour and 10 minutes. Without intermission
The author of the work:
Cyril Fokin
Valery Fokin
Alexandrinsky theatre (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
The city:
The languages of performance:

Today. 2016 – ... was the first performance by Valery Fokin, Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, on the New Stage, so one of his goals was to make unique high tech potential of this innovative venue serve his artistic goals.

Valery Fokin’s performance is an adaptation of The Fire, a story written by his son Cyril Fokin, where the genre of alternative history is mixed with keen psychological logic in development of the main character’s nature — a man, whose personal tragedy unfolds in the setting of the upcoming global one. Psychologist Vladimir Ognev, emigrants’ son, was born in Leningrad and lived in Canada. He has lost his son and parted with his wife in a dramatic manner, so now he works in a Japanese secret agency dealing with extraterrestrial contacts. Aliens have already brought so much to the planet, including the Internet, and now they consider it necessary to destroy all weapons on the planet for the sake of saving human civilization. Global leaders — Putin, Obama, Merkel and Ban Ki-moon — arrive to St. Petersburg for the “first level contact” with representatives of alien intelligence. Four leaders don’t support the idea of disarmament.

Is humankind able to avoid the tragedy of its own civilization without turning to the alien intelligence? How can a person live through the pain of their fate, the pain of the world? The Today. 2016 – ... is close to a requiem. It borrows never ceasing weeping of Tokyo rain from the story, but the action is transferred from the 1970s to the present days. The performance is not about alien interference, it’s about us as we are today.


Pyotr Semak

Vladimir Ognev

Nikita Barsukov

His double

Elena Vozhakina

Anna, his Wife

Polina Teplyakova

Anna, his Wife

Igor Mosyuk

Mann, the Clerk

Yaroslav Gryaznov Nikita Kandalov, Nikita Sergeev, Oleg Sergeev

The Children

Sofia Shustrova, Timur Akshentsev, Dmitry Belov, Dmitry Buteev, Yury Guk, Andrei Marusin, Alexander Scherbakov

Scenic Designer
Nikolai Roschin
Lighting Designer
Damir Ismagilov
Sound score and Music
Anton Yakhontov
Yury Didevich
Plastic Art
Vladimir Varnava
Costume Designer
Nika Valegzhaninova
Animation and Video
Svetlana Murza
Music Director, Assistant Director
Ivan Blagodyor
Assistant Director
Ekaterina Astrakhantseva
Assistant Director
Ekaterina Shcherbatyuk


Zhanna Zaretskaya

On the Alexandrinsky Theatre New Stage Mr. Fokin presents a technological miracle, which is closer to not a play but a 5D film: in addition to three-dimensional images and physical effects (seats in the auditorium vibrate, and the whole structure with the stands for the public, separated from the stage with bars, apparently, to avoid any accidents, goes down to the very bottom of the bunker, then comes back up). So there are unforgettable emotions of actors that the audience can experience without any screen between them, and above all — the colossal performance by Pyotr Semak, without whom this production would have been impossible.”

5-D Apocalypse by the Anniversary Celebrant, February 2016

Irina Korneeva

“Today. 2016 turns out to be a psychological experiment for the viewers. The conclusions about the future of the humanity, and whether it should be able to solve its problems without the help of extraterrestrial intelligence, are theirs to make. There’s also one universal conclusion which comes from the backstage characters of the tale: ‘You find it hard but it’s no harder than it goes for the rest of us… The time will come when you will think that it’s all over. This is exactly when things will begin…”

Aliens in the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Rossiyskaya gazeta, March 2016

Sergey Bondarenko

Valery Fokin is the master of space in each of his performances. Today. 2016 is a triumph in that respect. A union of unique high tech potential on one side, and genius, good taste and a sense of proportion on the other.”

The Meiningens in the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Peterburgsky Teatralny Zhurnal, February 2016