The Trial 06/09/2019

International Committee Program

The Trial


The theater:
Nowy Teatr (Warsaw, Poland)
The author of the work:
After the novel by Franz Kafka
November 15, 2017
05 h. 00 min. The Performance has two intermissions
The languages of performance:

“There’s something to be noted right away. No one in Polish theatre, aside from Krystian Lupa, has the imagination of this scale; no one builds scenic worlds in such a meticulous way to connect a literary image with realities of the present day and forebording of inevitable past,” Jacek Wakar, a Polish theatre critic writes.

In Krystian Lupa’s performance Josef K., the main character of Franz Kafka’s philosophical novel (The Trial was created during 1914–1915, but was never finished; so the novel was published in 1925 after the author’s death), turns into Franz K. endowed with traits of both the fictitious character and the author to dialogue with his reflection — another Franz K.

The story starts in the character’s consciousness. Unfinished and open-loop structure of the novel certainly gives the performance a chance to accrue new meanings. Staged by the Nowy Teatr (New Theatre), The Trial is filled with fears of today.

“Josef K. seems to be aspersed, since he has been arrested for nothing.”

This is how one of the most mysterious and provocative novels in the world literature starts. Struggling through merciless phrases we are getting more and more absorbed by darkness. We can’t find out why the main character has been arrested, or what his fault is. We also can’t make sure that he’s innocent. He doesn’t know it himself. While understanding the essence of what is going on less and less, in a desperate attempt he, however, tries to have revenge upon the Unknown. Though how might the strategy of this fight be understood, if confrontation of parties is derailing all laws of logic and reality?

Bleak events described in the novel don’t let readers stay aside, evoking frightening intimate associations... It’s about me, it’s about us — WE ARE ALL ARRESTED...

It’s us who keep the path of the fight with some dark NONSENSE through irrational dialogues with a person on the other side, dialogues that strangely resemble absurdity and dialogues of our today’s Polish reality...” Krystian Lupa about the performance


Marcin Pempus

Franz K.

Andrzej Klak

Franz K.

Bozena Baranowska

Mrs Grubach

Anna Ilczuk

Fräulein Burstner

Michal Opalinski

The Investigator

Wojciech Ziemianski


Ewa Skibinska

Rose, the wife of the bailiff

Maciej Charyton

Law student, the Second guardian

Adam Szczyszczaj

Max Brod, head of the judicial office

Malgorzata Gorol

Greta Bloch, the girl in a court office

Marta Zieba

Felice Bauer

Halina Rasiakowna


Piotr Skiba


Ewelina Zak


Dariusz Maj

Blobaum, people in the judicial office

Mikolaj Jodlinski

The artist of the First guardian

Piotr Skiba
Bogumil Misala
video light
Bartosz Nalazek
Kamil Polak
makeup and hairstyles
Monika Kaleta