The Grand opening of the Theatre Olympics 2019 15/06/2019
The Grand opening


The Grand opening of the Theatre Olympics 2019


The format of the event:
Festival of street theatres
The time of the:
From 18:00 to 22:00
Entrance for spectators:
Ostrovsky square, 6

The official opening ceremony of the Theatre Olympics will be held June 15 in St. Petersburg on Ostrovsky square, around the Alexandrinsky theater in the form of large-scale city festival — festival of street theatres. The Director of the opening ceremony was the main Director of Aleksandrinsky theatre Nikolay Roshchin, artist Alexei Tregubov. The opening Ceremony starts at 18:00, ends at 22:00. Free entry for spectators on Ostrovsky square will be possible from 17:00.


Entrance for spectators is free.


Festive arrangements will be held on Ostrovsky square, in the area from Nevsky prospect to the square of the University. Alexandrinsky theatre — the main stage Theatre of the Olympic games — will play the role of the rostrum during the opening ceremony: it will be an official launch of the Theatrical Olympic games 2019, from the balcony of the Central facade of the theater will hear the official speeches of the first persons of the country. At the opening of the Theatre Olympics, viewers will see performances of the famous street theatres of the world, many of which will be shown in St. Petersburg for the first time.

Theater Titanick (Germany) will show Firebirds. Pilots prepare their aircraft for takeoff and competing for the love of the audience. The performance is the live musical accompaniment of the French ensemble Fanfare Le S. N. O. B. — permanent member of the theater Titanick.

Titanick — visual theater unique objects, stunts and special effects, to participate in its witty show, an international team from Germany always attracts local Amateur actors, and takes into account in the design of local architecture.

Famous theatre Close-Act (Netherlands) will show Malaya — travel futuristic creatures in huge metal balls. Malaya is a "confluence of time and space, the fusion of movement and light," explains the theatre. Another team from the Netherlands, the Dutch Theatre Gajes brings to St. Petersburg the play Odyssee is based on "the Odyssey" by Homer. The return of Odysseus home will be directly on Ostrovsky square, the story will be set literally among the audience and around it and even above the audience.

The famous theatre "flying drummers" Transe Express (France) will show a legendary performance of Mobile Homme. "TRANS Express" — the pioneers of contemporary street art the theatre was founded in 1982. Their vertical shows are at the height of 30-40 meters from the ground is a combination of music, percussion, circus, dance and contemporary art. "The mobile man" begins with the parade of soldiers, drummers, then the musicians on a multi-ton high-rise crane soar into the sky and turn into trapeze artists. Perform stunts and build an impressive installation — a giant mobile human.

Quite another face of modern street theatre will present the play Peregrinis, founded in 1977, Theatre KTO (Poland). In the creative biography of this legendary "wandering troupe" from Krakow, among a number of famous performances — street performances dedicated to the most important events of European history, for example, Refugees (2009) — in honor of the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin wall, 120 000 spectators. The plot of the play Peregrinus ("Wanderers") became a modern-day the average man of the XXI century. It is a theatre of philosophical meanings, theatre masks and a combination of grotesque forms with realism.

The opening ceremony will be attended also by three of the Russian team.

The theater "Fire people" (Moscow) was founded on 2003 and now is known worldwide as one of the flagships of the carnival. The decoration of the opening ceremony will be their performance of "Flower ship" — "a fantastic fleet armed with music and flowers. Powerful sound, pounds of confetti, miles of serpentine".

Theatre "Sketches in space" — an independent team of Directors, actors and artists, residents of the Center. Sun. Meyerhold (Moscow) — show-procession "the Lost caravan". Plastic action poetic about the beauty and fragility of the world. The show involves life-size kinds of the doll, which is unique in Russia, puppeteers characters in the author's masks.

Saint Petersburg at the opening ceremony are created in 1993, the theatre company of carnival culture, masks, grotesque and buffoonery "Wandering dolls of mister Pezho" and their performance-a procession of Decadence. "In the hustle and bustle of city life invade strange white create a game of mirrors and lights that evoke memories of the Silver age".
Festival guests will not only be spectators but participants, in continuation of a centuries-old tradition of vulgar culture, many performances involve audience involvement in the action.


Valery Fokin

Artistic coordinator of the Theatre Olympics 2019

Nikolay Roshchin


Alexey Tregubov

Art Director

Director of the group
Alex Demidchik, Andrey Kalinin, Alexander Nikanorov, Daniel Pictury
Sound design
Ivan Wolves
Igor Fomin
Technical Director
Svetlana Zaikina
Executive producers
Elena Ananyeva, Antonina Dzotsenidze
Administrative group
Ksenia Volkova, Nadezhda Grankina, Natalia Zhukovskaya, Elena Travin
Director of video editing
Victoria Ivera
Maxim Kagan
Stunt group
A. Uvarov, Gennady Ryazanov, Paul Tkachenko, Alexander Filaretov, Andrei Deev
The stunt
Konstantin Gusev
Special and pyrotechnic effects
The Company "Fast And Furious"