Sima Qian 18/10/2019

International Committee Program

Sima Qian


Beijing people's art theatre (Beijing, China)
The author of the work:
Xiong Zhao Zheng
2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission
September 15, 2015
The language of performance:
Chinese, simultaneous translation into Russian

The show is about the life of the "Father of Chinese historiography." Sima Qian (135–86 B.C.E.) was a Chinese historian of the Han Dynasty, whose Records of the Grand Historian is a tractate on China's general history that spans a period of more than two millennia, from the epoch of the Yellow Emperor to the epoch of the Military Emperor, the contemporary of Sima Qian. The book had had a profound influence on all subsequent historiography of China for many centuries. The show introduces us to the circumstances surrounding the creation of The Records of the Grand Historian tells the story of romantic feelings and the details of the unique biography of the great scholar.

While Sima Qian spent ten years on his work The Records of the Grand Historian, we spent ten years preparing this performance. I am wondering whether it is a coincidence of history or a certainty of destiny. The only reason for spending ten years on one play is to better present this great historian, who is both familiar and strange to the audience. Ten years’ devotion does not necessarily ensure this play a classic, but I wish it could leave an impression on the audience. Thank you to everyone who assisted us with staging Sima Qian through all these years. Thanks to the playwright, Mr. Xiong Zhao Zheng. Thanks to Sima Qian’s native place, Hancheng city. Thanks to Beijing People's Art Theatre. Feng Yuanzheng, co-director of the production, actor in the title role.

Supported by Confucius Institute Headquarters.



Feng Yuanzheng

Co-director of the production, actor in the title role

Yu Zhen

Wang Gang

Wang Jinsong

Liang Dannie

Lian Xudong

Zhang Fuyuan

Cong Lin

Mr. Ren Ming
Xiong Zhao Zheng
Stage design
Shen Ao
Light design
Meng Bin
Yang Nie
Makeup artist
Ying Xu
Special effects
Zheng Chen
Wen Zi