Rosmersholm 14/09/2019

International Committee Program



Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Romania
The author of the work:
Henrik Ibsen
3 h. 30 min. The performance runs with one intermission
March 24, 2017
The languages:
Prize of National theatre festival (NTF, PECs, Hungary, 2018): "Best performance", Eva Imre — "Best actress", Andriy Zholdak Daniel Zholdak — "Best stage design"
In Andriy Zholdak’s interpretation, the play by the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) has turned into a stream of ecstatic energy. All the obvious and repressed desires, actions and thoughts of the residents in the the house of Rosmersholm escape from the drama of public views into another, irrational and frightening dimension. The lingering presence of otherworldly forces, the anxiety akin to horror in intensity and the cinematic beauty of the performance reveal very new meanings of Ibsen's play with a fierce passion.
“The pulsating tension between the orthodox faith, the surrealistic ghosts of the past and the intense life of passions, all frame the suspense of the performance. The fundamentally declarative nature of the conflict in the play, written by Ibsen in the 1880s (after “Brand,” “The Doll House,” and “Peer Gynt”), deeply rooted in the political and social structure of the then Norwegian society, has acquired new relevance. It is expressed through the frantic and incessant running around, hitting the door and jumping of the main character, which symbolize her struggle for the freedom of repressed desires,” says theater critic Kristina Matvienko.
“No one can escape their sins. The acts we had committed linger behind doors, are buried in the ashes of our fireplace and stare at us from window reflections. Regardless of whether we talk or are silent – we know our sins, and this knowledge weighs on our shoulders as a wet jacket. How can we stay so close to each other without feeling the constant stench of mold? We try to open the windows to air out everything that holds us back. We wash the floors clean, burning our fears. We scream, trying to scare away kindhearted and angry spirits. We run until we are short of breath, until we stop thinking. And we drag on with us our significant others, people we love, like a sack, so that they could have their sins forgiven too.
Everything that stood in the way of lovers on the day they met, will die. Such as Rebecca. She destroys Rosmersholm. Her sole purpose is to meet with the man she chose. With no regrets... But there is no calm or salvation for someone who seeks to escape his or her own conscience. In Rosmersholm, the house of God, Rosmer and she become that very first couple who lost their innocence and are doomed to perpetual persecution. Having no faith or hope, just love, they try their hardest, like birds who are destined to die. They are just a mere thread away from giving up. They are birds with broken wings. Kroll is only a messenger of God, who is trying to get them back on the path indicated by the Heavenly Father, reminding them that, even should they manage to escape, they will not be able to hide.” Ioana Malau, Assistant for Text Adaptation and Dramaturgy.


Johannes Rosmer

Balázs Bodolai

Éva Imre

Rebecca West

Tímea Jerovszky


Gábor Viola


Gizella Kicsid

Madame Helseth

Andriy Zholdak
scenography, costumes
Daniel Zholdak
Assistant on adaptation of the text and drama
Ioana Mălău
Sound design
Vladimir Klykov