Return Of Dionysus. Part one 08/06/2019

Program for the Far Eastern Federal District

Return Of Dionysus. Part one


The theater:
Attis (Athens, Greece)
4 h. The performance runs without intermission
June 8, 2019
Conditions of participation:
For the professional audience
The languages of performance:
Greek. The show will be accompanied by simultaneous translation into Russian
The show presented by the Creative Laboratory of Theodoros Terzopoulos, Chairman of the International Committee of the Theatre Olympics is intended for a professional audience. Young actors and students of arts programs in Vladivostok will become spectators and participants in this show.
The main plot line is studying the unique acting method by the author. On the stage, led by director Savvas Strumpos, the audience and the participants of the show will embark on a two-day journey to mastering the method of acting, which is based on ancient practices and the idea of deconstructing the body, designed to release the hidden energy and recreate the archetypical body as the basis of human essence. Special methods of diaphragm breathing, and the interrelation between the actors’ breathing and their emotions. Restoration of the lost unity between the voice and the body. The Creative Laboratory will demonstrate the renaissance of the Dionysus Theatre in today’s stage practice.
The show is divided into two parts within the space of two days. You can read about the theory behind the method in Return of Dionysus, a book published in Russian.


Savvas Strunos