Mother 06/09/2019
Theatre company Peeping Tom, Brussel
1 h. 10 min. The performance runs without intermission
September 29, 2016
The languages of performance:
Without words

Mother is a witty and unsettling performance that conveys a feeling of awe with grandness of the universe and surprise with our attempts to adapt it to our perception of the world. 

Gabriela Carrizo intended this work to be a dedication to her departed mother. In the course of creating the performance got focused on figures of memory and the mother; this is the topic Peeping Tom addresses with the same tender and sardonic eye that runs through all of its productions. 

The performance takes the audience to a few places that look so familiar: a maternity department, a funeral parlor, a sound recording studio, a museum – it’s where the public and the personal are entwined closely, where the present and the past “desperately try to keep the cyclic time of an archetypal mother figure”. Choreographer Gabriela Carrizo shows the body as a storehouse, in which a multitude of conscious and unconscious recollections merge, collide, and define who we are. New meanings are born at the boundary between mourning and celebrating, between an attempt to hold on and an aspiration to let go, between structural perception and madness. In this plot, life and death are a piece of art.  

Mother is a second part of the Family Trilogy staged in Peeping Tom, that was opened with Father in 2014, with Children still ahead. 

Experimental language and choreography of Peeping Tom bring the sound to the forefront of the show. The team of the performance explores how sounds evoke images and associations in our memory. Sounds are inextricably linked with characters and their emotions, with dances and objects; they create “audio design” of choreographic scenes. How should one follow the dancer to hear a sound of dancing? How can a sound be extracted from an object? How can the sound be locked and changed? These are just some of questions for the performance to answer.  

Peeping Tom has worked with crowd artists successfully for a long time. In Mother participants of the crowd represent the outer world opposed to the inner world of characters. They are visitors in the museum and witnesses of funerals. Peeping Tom always recruit crowd artists in every new city the performance is shown. It’s a part of the concept, a way to highlight hyperrealism of the action; this is how interaction with the cast becomes spontaneous, and a connection between the Peeping Tom theatre company and local audience is established. 

The world premiere took place in September 2016 in Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen, Germany)  

In Belgium the premiere took place on the stage of KVS — the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels on November 10, 2016. 


Eurydice de Bel

Maria Carolina Vieira

Marie Giselbrecht

Brandon Lagert

Hun-MOK Jung

Quan Bui Ngoc

I-Chun Liu

Simon Versnel

Charlotte Clemens

Gabriela Carrizo
sets, costumes
Dian Furdrine
music and arrangements
Rafael Latini
music and arrangements
Reno Cross
music and arrangements
Glenn Verule
Giacomo Gorini
Amber Vandenhoek