Marriage 15/06/2019

Program for the Far Eastern Federal District



The theater:
Alexandrinsky theatre (St. Petersburg, Russia)
The author of the work:
N. V. Gogol
2 h. 30 min. Performance runs with one interval
January 18, 2008
Laureate of Russian national theatre award "Golden Mask"
The languages of performance:
Nikolay Gogol’s “Marriage” premiered in Alexandrinsky Theatre in 1842 The part of Podkolesin in that premiere performance was played by a great Russian actor Aleksandr Martynov. Since that time, alongside “The Inspector General”, “Marriage” has traditionally been a part of the repertoire of Alexandrinsky Theatre. Various interpretations of Gogol’s plays have often defined the creative mindset of the theatre troupe and formed the foundation of its repertoire. Valery Fokin, artistic director of Alexandrinsky Theatre, turned to “Marriage” after “The Inspector General”, as he has been seeking inspiration in Gogol’s work for many years already.
This production was dedicated in time for Gogol’s bicentennial. In his production, Valery Fokin concentrates on the acute conflict between the absurd, almost slapstick reality and the protagonist’s inner world that he seeks to protect, which prompts him to perform most incredible tricks and participate in outlandish attractions of demonic inspiration. One such attraction is the story of six potential bridegrooms seeking the hand of merchant’s daughter Agafya Tikhonovna Kuperdyagina, who seems not to be able to find a fiance who — in her mind — would have all the necessary human virtues. The slapstick comedy is shown from the inside and the outside on the stage set designed by Alexander Borovsky. His setup underscores the active dynamics between the shifts from the world of inner fantasies of the character who is seen lounging on a comfortable Oblomov-type sofa into the outside world, full of animosity and instability where he feels very uncertain.