Love Cycle: Love Chapter 2 18/10/2019

"Golden Mask" Festival Program

Love Cycle: Love Chapter 2


Dance company L-E-V (Israel)
55 minutes. The performance runs without intermission
Without words
I'm a living, loving, functioning being broken into crumbs of love. I am giving myself to the blast. A sense of disaster, death of all hope and of ending, crawl like an illness via the dancers' bodies. Now that there are no limits we are dangerous to ourselves. Liquids of information, the pain of loss and mental exhaustion mutate into a big heart coated with darkness and matter made from guarded secrets. This creation is post the actual illness. After all had been lost already. It holds just enough to sustain us alive, dreaming in our blind body. This creation is a reason to cry. Sharon Eyal

Love Chapter 2 is a sombre and poisonous dance show, a sequel to OCD Love. Barely moving bodies intertwine and draw mysterious, gloomy pictures. They are enacting the second part of the cycle created after the poem of American poet Neil Hilborn.

Dancers with sculptured bodies graciously move to the electronic music composed by Ori Lichtik. Akin to gigantic winged beings, they soar toward the front stage, facing the spectator, confined in their hermetic world despite the deep plie a-la Balanchine and gaping mouths referring to Japanese Butoh dance aesthetic. It is a heady, stirring performance. It resembles a death dance to the electronic Daft Punk rhythms.

Sharon Eyal fills the stage with a potion, a magic drink that takes possession of you and causes addiction. Her dancers immaculately performing the choreographer-orchestrated dance become ghosts who appal us in the night and visions who allure us with the horror they evoke in our souls. "Magmaa"





Gon Biran

Rebecca Hytting

Mariko Kakizaki

Keren Lurie

Pardes Clayd

Darren Devaney

Emmanuel Archer

Sharon Eyal
Gai Behar
Ori Lichtik
Alon Cohen
Costume Design
Odelia Arnold, Rebecca Hytting, Gon Biran
Technical director
Alon Cohen (Technical director)
Assistant Technical director
Baruch Spiegelman