My Home — Red Home or Going Home 24/10/2019

Russian National theatres program

My Home — Red Home or Going Home


The Chechen State Drama Theater named after Khanpasha Nuradilov, Grozny, Chechen Republic
The author of the work:
Musa Ahmadov
2 hours. The performance runs without intermission
The languages of performance:

"Your house — red house" or "Home" is the modern drama of an immigrant who does not want to lose national identity in the new world. The subject was the attention of Chechen society; having survived at the turn of the new century, the tragedy of war, hundreds of thousands of Chechens have become refugees. The main character tries to hold his fate in Paris. Will he be able to return home?

The Chechen state drama theatre named after Hero of the Soviet Union Khanpashi Nuradilova, the national Chechen theatre in Grozny. Since inception, the theatre contributes to the development of their culture, makes a distinctive contribution to Russian theatrical culture.

The history of the theater dates back to 1931, the time of creation Abdurrahman by Avtorkhanova theatre Studio. In 1933, on the stage of the Studio was shown the premiere performance of "Red fortress" on the play said Baduev on the events of the civil war in Chechen-Ingushetia. After this production, the theatre received the status of the Chechen state drama theatre.

Khava Akhmadova, Akhmed Salgereev
Stage Designer
Abu Pashaev
Murat Kabardokov
Translation into Russian
Raisa Saidulayeva