Formosa 23/06/2019

Chekhov International Theatre Festival



The theater:
“Cloud Gate” Taiwan Dance Theatre, China
1 h. 5 min. The performance runs without intermission
November 24, 2017
Lin Hwai-min, the most renowned Asian choreographer, dancer and writer and a prize-winning creator of several festivals presents his farewell show to the public. Performance is not only a tribute to his native country but also a kind of outcome of his career. In the 16th century, as they approached an island of rare beauty, Portuguese sailors exclaimed in admiration: “Formosa!” which meant “so beautiful!” From that time to until very recently this was the name Taiwan was known under. Inspired by the beauty of this land, its legends and songs, Lin Hwai-min uses a movement and a written word to create the image of his Universe - his life full of love, tragedy and hope. The show begins in the snow-white scenery, as the tabula rasa of life. On the white surface, the words are appearing, connecting into the strings, rolling and crashing, as the waves on the shore. These waves of words bring remembrances which are the real memory, reminiscences of the most important things only.
“The feelings arise from inside, and they get their shape in words. When words are not enough, people sigh; when there are not enough sighs, people sing; when there is not enough singing, arms begin moving gracefully and feet begin stomping. A dance is a powerful form of expression. It is a conversation with the heaven and the earth in one. Movements disappear as soon as they emerge. Dances exist only for a fleeting moment. This is the metaphor of life itself”. Lin Hwai-min