The Flight. A Story of Bilchir 15/10/2019

Russian National theatres program

The Flight. A Story of Bilchir


The Buryat state academic theatre Khotsa Namsaraev, Russia
The author of the work:
Based on the novel by Valentin Rasputin's "Farewell to Matyora"
1 hour and 30 minutes. Without intermission
29 October 2016
The language of performance:

The work by a young director Soyzhin Zhambalova is based on the results of a creative research expedition and written in the Bulgat dialect of the Buryat language. The show incorporates episodes from Valentin Rasputin’s "Farewell to Matyora" and documentary stories told by residents of Osinsky District of Irkutsk Region, who witnessed the construction of Bratsk Hydroelectric power plant on the Angara River, when large areas of land were flooded to create the reservoir. National music and dance, rhythmic patterns and songs of Western Buryats create a distinct composition for this show telling the story of people saying good-bye to their native land, the story of migrating birds dying because they have no land to make a stop.


Bolot Dinganorboev

Zhazhan Dinganorboeva

Nadezda Munkonova

Darima Lobsanova

Aldar Bazarov

Alex Mikhailov

Solbon Endonov

Bulat Sambilov

Zorikto Tsybendorzhiev

Chimit Dondokov

Dashinima Dorzhiev

Olga Lomboeva

Luda Tugutova

Ada Oshorova

Soijin Zhambalova
Author of the idea, script
Saiyan Zhambalov
Stage designer
Olga Bogatischeva
Maria Siukaeva
Batzorig Batbaatar
Assistant Director
Darima Damdinova
Translation to Buryat language
Bulgita Urbaeva-Khalmatova