Encore 21/09/2019

International Committee Program



The theater:
Theatre "Attis" (Attis, Athens, Greece)
The author of the work:
Based on the poem by Thomas Tsalapatas
55 min. The performance runs without intermission
November 25, 2016
The languages:

ENCORE is a show that celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of ATTIS Theatre and the last part of the trilogy, that was started by ALARME and continued with AMOR. The main message of the trilogy lies in the conflict between the mythical source of creation, and time. The powerful energy released as two bodies meet and interact on stage, their absorption of each other, their destructive eroticism and existential pain lead them to mutual liberation. ENCORE continues to explore the mechanisms which, in addition to their aesthetic efficiency and functionality, add to energy levels on the stage. Passion, blood, desire and words come together in the common theatre body, which in ATTIS Theatre goes back to the traditions of Dionysus.

In ENCORE the bodies are boldly interconnected through the mechanisms of Eros and Thanatos. They mutually attract, charm and consume each other through time, trying to make peace between Eros and Thanatos. The words are born inside the vibrating energy of the body and lead to deeply conscious speech. The ecstatic body is freed from the rational tradition and approaches the truth of the archaic state.


Sofia Hill

Antonis Maragkos

Theodoros Terzopoulos
Loukia -
Panagiotis Volianitis