The eighth life 25/10/2019

Program Dedicated to the Centennial of Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre

The eighth life


Thalia Theatre, Germany
The author of the work:
Nino Kharatishvili
8 April 2017
5 hours and 10 minutes. The performance goes with one intermission
The language of performance:

Jette Steckel's performance is based on an eponymous novel by Nino Haratischwili.

Georgia, 1900 Stasia is born in a small town, in the family of a talented pastry-cook who has created a recipe of chocolate that can influence human fates. It becomes a start of a narrated family saga that spans six generations, through all of the revolutions and wars of the 20th century up to the breakup of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. To the civil war in Georgia.

Georgia, Germany, 2005. Nisa, Stasia's great-granddaughter, has emigrated to Berlin. But when Brilka, her 12-year-old niece born in the chaos of the post-Soviet period, goes to the West and refuses to come back to Tbilisi, Nisa follows her. She tells Brilka the entire story of their family starting from Stasia whose dream of becoming a dancer in Paris had never come true, but who had spent a hundred years dancing under a local apple tree quietly and tenderly to earn her living. She tells her about Stasia's stepsister Kristina who paid a high price for her beauty that enchanted a highest-ranked executive of the intelligence. She tells her about the death of Stasia's daughter Kitty who lost everything, but found her voice in exile in London. About Kitty's brother Kostya who came to an agreement with the system and became a political staffer. About Kostya's disobedient daughter Elena and her daughters Darya and Nisa who were so different...

Magical realism in The Eighth Life is fused with a story of the family adapting to the 20th century, a story about betrayal and antagonism, love and hatred, a desire to live and to survive.


Lisa Hagmeister

Franziska Hartmann

Mirko Kreibich

Karin Neuhäuser

Barbara Nüsse

Sebastian Rudolph

Maja Schöne

André Szymanski

Cathérine Seifert

Set design
Florian Lösche
Pauline Hüners
Mark Badur
Zaza Rushadze
Yohan Stegli
Julia Lochte
Emilia Linda Heinrich