Bosch Dreams 22/06/2019

International Committee Program

Bosch Dreams


1 h. 30 min. The performance runs without intermission
The theatre-circus "7 fingers" (Montreal, Canada)
September 2016
The languages of performance:
A fantastic journey across the universe of Jheronimus Bosch. The Seven Fingers Theatre and Circus, in cooperation with Theatre Republique, the Jheronimus Bosch Foundation, and the Circolo Festival, has created a new circus and acrobat show. Against the background of magic projections, strange creatures and fairy tale animals come to life. In the supernatural Universe episodes of the artist’s life and plots of its pictures get mixed together.
“We know very little about Jheronimus Bosch himself. However, today, art historians consider him one of the greatest artists of the world, whose topics and motifs reflect the deepest hidden desires and deeply hidden fears of the humankind. It was important for me to stress that Jheronimus Bosch was not just simply another artist. His work has had a great influence on Salvador Dali and the entire movement of surrealism that came to life hundreds of years after Bosch’s death. He showed fantastic worlds, indecent monsters and flying beings. I cannot imagine a more fitting genre for turning these pictures into life than the modern circus. Once I met Ange Potier, author of a short animation film based on Bosch’s most famous picture, Garden of Earthly Delights. His film was incredibly beautiful and had a profound impression on me. So when the Jheronimus Bosch Foundation asked me to create a show dedicated to Bosch’s 500th death anniversary, I never had second thoughts. I asked Ange to work with me on the project of a modern circus performance with Bosch pictures as parts of stage design. We created this unique show in cooperation with him and Martin Tulinius, artistic director of Republique, a theatre from Denmark, as a tribute of admiration that we have for this artist”, — Samuel Tétreault.
“Bosch is very generous. There’s so much in his pictures that you can study and think about. Moreover, strictly speaking, he is an incredibly successful artist. He studied his time, and he transferred what he saw onto the canvas with astounding detail. Naturalism and daily reality in his work co-exist with fantastic worlds, filled with fire, fantastic beasts and special effects. If Bosch were living today, he’d become an excellent film director. <…> In the show we wanted to express the spirit of Bosch as precisely as possible. The viewers will appreciate how they will be drawn into Bosch’s pictures at one time, and get distanced from them at another. 25 various characters, magic masks and performance mastery allowed these pictures to come alive”, — Ange Potier.
Bosch’s Dreams is a show dedicated to the memory of director and stage designer, artistic director of Republique Theatre (Copenhagen, Denmark) Martin Tulinius (1967–2016). The show is a part of the Bosch-500 International Project. The world premiere of the show took place in Copenhagen in September 2016.


Ange Pottier

the script

Martin Tulinius

the script

Ange Pottier

video art and animation, scenography and costumes

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