Donka. A letter to Chekhov 18/06/2019

Chekhov International Theatre Festival

Donka. A letter to Chekhov


The theater:
Compagnia Finzi Pasca (Lugano, Switzerland) and Chekhov Theatre Festival (Moscow, Russia) with participation of Theatre Vidy-Lausanne (Lugano, Switzerland)
2 h. 05 min. The Performance has one intermission
The author of the work:
Daniele Finzi Pasca
January 29, 30, 31, 2010
Circus magic pays homage to Chekhov in this show full of fairy images, delicate balance, acrobats and jugglers.
The show was launched in January 2010 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Anton Chekhov’s birth anniversary within the Chekhov International Theatre Festival. Daniele Finzi Pasca got immersed in the life of a writer through his writings and his diaries, decoding his notes and giving shape and color to things that Chekhov preferred enigmatically to avoid talking about. Donka means a little bell fixed on a fishing rod, which rings whenever a fish bites. Chekhov adored fishing and for him it was a form of meditation. The director, always looking for the “state of lightness” in his works, was fascinated by this image. He casts a fishing rod in the pool of circus fantasy creating a visual poem of suspended objects and bodies.
To the sounds of accordions, waltzes, old romances and traditional choirs, we see a parade of Chekhov’s characters passing before us: doctors, eternal students, dreamers, bachelors, young girls who will spend their lives mourning. Scenes from a lost world follow each other to the songs of birds, the sound of the wind in the branches, Chinese shadows and a variety of colours that excite our imagination.
With the support of: Cornèrcard, Fidinam, Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Caffè Chicco d’Oro, Helsinn — International Partner, City of Lugano, Cantone Ticino, Pro Helvetia, LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura), AIL SA, Clay Paky — Official Lighting Supplier, Sintetica — Research Partner, Migros Culture Percentage, Ernst Göhner Stiftung.