Don Pasquale 29/08/2019

Tour program of St. Petersburg theatres

Don Pasquale


2 hours 30 min. The performance comes with 1 intermission
The author of the work:
Giovanni Ruffini
Tour: Saint-Petersburg «Music-Hall» Theater
The city:
September 27, 2018

Don Pasquale is a typical example of the opera buffa genre. This is a magnificent sample of comedy, which is impressive even when used in such an academic art as opera, and the phenomenal success of this work is a fair tribute to the talent of its creator, the maestro Donizetti. The composer provided a highly precise musical definition for each character. Both the music and general concept of the performance awake the imagination of the director and designer and push them into experimenting. In his staging, the world-known Stage Director Hans-Joachim Frey (Austria) will show the audience sincerity and dramatic intensity of this comedy, which seems to be light-hearted at first sight. As envisioned by the director, the opera’s setting will be moved to Rome of the 1960s. The theatre’s stage will feature re-created romantic Italian surroundings, inspired by the atmosphere of films by the master of Italian cinema Federico Fellini. To ensure immersion into Rome’s sunny atmosphere, the Stage Designer Petr Okunev and Video Designer Vadim Dulenko will use eye-catching original video footage. In addition, projections will help to reflect an intricate inner world of the main characters on the screen. Movable scenery will be combined with video projections, which will make the performance extremely spectacular and dynamic.

The performance will boast a particular charm and some bohemian features thanks to costumes made by the Costume Designer Elena Badmaeva, a fashionable St. Petersburg couturier, who has also been inspired by looks from the films La Dolce Vita and Le notti di Cabiria by Fellini.

The audience will see a feast of life and theatre since the performance staged by the Music Hall Theatre has a funny plot and is full of subtle humour and comic disguise situations. The music by Donizetti lets the stage characters, who look as if they have come from commedia dell'arte, sparkle with incessant vigour. Mean, ridiculous, and charismatic Pasquale looks like a true Pantalone, while his nephew Ernesto resembles a permanently heartbroken and enamoured Pierrot. As for the smart trickster Malatesta, akin to ‘Brighella’, and the charming, but calculating ‘Colombine’ Norina, they team up for a dazzling duet, building up the suspense of this performance.


Nikolai Kamensky

Don Pasquale

Tigriy Bazakhin

Dr Malatesta

Anna Vikulina


Saveliy Andreev


Sergei Kostevich


Petr Okunev
Cosume designer
Elena Badmaeva
Video director
Vadim Dulenko
Lighting designer
Ivan Nikitin