Cyrano de Bergerac 16/11/2019

International Committee Program

Cyrano de Bergerac


SCOT (Toga, Japan)
The author of the work:
Based on the play of Edmond Rostand
1 hour 20 minutes. Without intermissions
The languages of performance:
Japanese, Russian

Tadashi Suzuki performance  based on Edmond Rostand play has the same name but contains some changes. The protagonist of the show is Kyozo, a samurai and playwright, who before dying writes an autobiographical play, which appears to be "Cyrano de Bergerac”. The action happens  during the latter years of the Samurai reign.

"I was touched not so much by the play itself but by the mysterious years-long  love of the Japanese people to this work of the French poet and playwright.. My performance is an attempt to solve this mystery, and this is how I've done it: Roxana and Christian are not real characters of the show but the product of the main character's fantasy. <...> In the play where the main character is the beautiful young french woman, Kyozo tries to tell the story of  his dream lady and of the impossibility of this dream to come true  in real life. These emotional experience is not only an answer to the question why Kyozo could not freely express his love to  a smart and passionate woman but also reflects the interest, admiration, and the consequent feeling of inferiority experienced by many Japanese people before Europe with its "advanced" culture that served as a model for Japan, during  transferring period from the Samurai era to a civil society. <...>

I think that the heart-breaking, I might even say, voluntary refusal by Cyrano to the happiness of the mutual love  has found a response in hearts of many Japanese men. As it reflects both their valid until recently  belief that indeed the most courageous, and  right way of life for a man is to stay away from the woman you  love, retaining spiritual purity, and, worship of everything European. So all these   Japanese men of that epoch  perceptions are the main character, the leitmotif of the show." — Tadashi Suzuki.


Yoshi Takemori

Kyozo / Cyrano

Yasuhiro Fujimoto

Christian de Neuvillette

Nana Tatishvili


Haruo Ishikawa

The Comte de Gish

Takato Hiragaki, Daiki Takeuchi, Yuki Iizuka, Kentaro Koda, Yoshitsugu Moriya

Gascon Guards

Masaharu Kato


Chieko Naito

His wife

Aki Sato-Johnson, Haruka Kiyama, Riza Kito,, Saki Kunimoto, Marie Shin, Yuyu Zhang Geisha

Geisha / Maid

Maki Saito

Kyozo's mother

Asako Urushihara


Direction and Stage Design
Tadashi Suzuki
Assistant Director
Michitomo Shiohara
Makoto Niwa, Daisuke Ueta
Junya Kobayashi
Toshimi Mitsuda
Josie Shigemasa, Shoko Sonoda
Helen Nakagawa Casa Yukiko


Alyona Karas

The East and the West have once again come together under the roof of the Russian theatre. Suzuki's message possesses the great power of attraction: the one performance after the another, he tries to connect "a restive steed and a timid deer," combining the classical plots of European drama with traditional Japanese theatre techniques. Tadashi Suzuki, the creator of a unique theatre village in Shizuoko, where daily training sessions and rehearsals are accompanied by festivals, workshops and other international events, is also the author of a unique acting technique, in which he combines the experience of "Noh” theatre with the most radical ideas of the theatre today.

Vremya Novostey