Alarme 17/09/2019

International Committee Program



The theater:
The Attis theatre (Athens, Greece)
01 hour. The performance runs without intermission
The languages:
December 1, 2010

The script of the show is based on fragments of the historical exchange of letters between Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Аlarme is the first part of the trilogy followed by Amor and Encore.

Alarme traces the tragic story of Mary Stuart and her struggle for the throne, as a result of which she was executed. Love, hatred, violence and thirst for power guide the heroines of this story in their actions. In addition to the two queens, another character in the show is a poor peaceful citizen, a storyteller who watches the events as they unfold, and comments on them.

Some aspects of conflict between the male and the female essence are present in the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary Stuart; the dominating element of the show is eroticism. The desire of coming together lies at the heart of the fatal struggle between these women. It lures them and at the same time scares them both, because it leads to them losing their individuality. The women fight each other and call for violence but their opposition to each other hides their absolute love that scares them more than hatred or violence.

Poems by Thanasis Alevras are read by Tasos Dimas.


Thassos Dimas

The narrator

Maria Stewart

Aglaia Pappa

Elizabeth -

Sofia Hill

Theodoros Terzopoulos
Loukia -
Panagiotis Volianitis