A Universal story 20/06/2019

Program for the Far Eastern Federal District

A Universal story


The theater:
The theater company El Local Espacio de Creación (Barcelona, Spain)
1 h. 10 min. The performance runs without intermission
September 2018
The languages of performance:
The performance is without words

A Universal Story by David Espinosa is a unique performance, an audio and visual journey across selected occasions within development of civilization. Things, toys and sculpture figurines, video projection and choreography become elements of the staged narration. David Espinosa does not make toys himself, he just buys them in stores. Characters of his shows can be easily placed in a suitcase, and a table-sized surface will suffice as a stage. The performance shows the biography of humankind in the light of games and irony.

“We have reconsidered the entire history of humankind up to the present day for this project; we’ve tried to cover the most important facts that can help us understand how today’s world functions. We try to construct images for chronology to be visualized; we explain why particular events took place in history while reviewing them from different points of view: social, economic, political and cultural ones. We use objects and techniques that can demonstrate the historical trajectory, a complex of events and processes that have always developed around humans, in a clear and vivid manner”, creators of the show explain.

A Universal Story is simple and mysterious, anxious and poetic at the same time. Aristotle’s quote has been chosen as an epigraph to the performance: “History describes what has happened, poetry what might”.